Neighbors complain burned SE Charlotte home not repaired or demolished after more than a year

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A neighborhood eyesore can also be an emotional thing to drive by and see every day.

“It’s just hard to go by there all the time and see the property,” Doug Malone says. “It’s just a reminder.”

“We were out there the night it happened,” he says. “Just praying for the people to make it through it.”

Dennis and Susan Swafford died in the February 2018 fire. 14 months later, not much has changed at the corner of Wingfield and Mission Hills.

“Sometimes, I’ll turn to the right, so I don’t have to…you know,” neighbor Gerald Hessler says.

People here are worried about their kids.

“It’s a hazard for any kid that tries to go in there and research and say, ‘Ok, what can I find?’” Malone says.

“It’s become its own little ecosystem over there, I think,” mom Alysse Pearson says.

“This house is sort of a hindrance,” Matticia Snead says. “Because we would like to sell our house one day.”

“I’ve tried calling the city and they have not returned any of my phone calls,” Snead says.

They’re hoping some attention being brought to the case means they won’t have to drive by the burned home daily, for much longer.

“Christmas is coming, that would be nice,” Hessler says. “Or maybe for Easter…that’s a little soon. Flag day, Memorial Day, I mean pick one, you know?”

WBTV called the city about this home Tuesday afternoon. A representative tells us they’re going to look into this specific case to find out what stage of the process it’s in.

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