NC mom accuses teacher of causing bruises, redness on daughter’s neck

A photo of the girl’s bruising (family photo via WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A 9-year-old girl came home with bruises and redness on her neck, and her mom is accusing the child’s teacher of putting them there.

“I feel like they’re protecting him,” Sabrina Starr says.

Starr’s daughter is a third-grader at Tuckaseegee Elementary.

“Didn’t nobody let me know anything,” she says.

According to the mom, her daughter came home with bruises and redness on her neck Tuesday.

“I didn’t get an email, I didn’t get a note sent home or something wrote in her agenda book about the incident,” she says.

Her child is telling her the marks came from a school music teacher, claiming that in class, the teacher pulled her by the hood of her jacket, the front collar making the marks seen on her neck.

Sabrina Starr, the child’s mother. (Amanda Foster/WBTV)

“They did not report to me as the mother of the child that got hurt at school,” Starr claims.

Starr drove to the school, but says there was no one there to talk to after hours Tuesday. She went again Wednesday morning, but was unsatisfied with the principal’s response.

“She was filing something, and she was going to send it off somewhere,” Starr says. “And I just feel like that’s not enough.”

The mom called CMPD, who sent an officer out. The officer gave the family a report number but when WBTV requested the report, it was not filed. Police tell us the officer determined school staff already knew about the incident, handing the case back to CMS.

Starr says she is not letting it go, after talking with her daughter.

“She even told me she don’t want to get nobody in trouble,” Starr says. “I had to tell her, you’re not getting nobody in trouble, your body is precious. Shouldn’t nobody harm your body.”

A CMS spokesperson told WBTV she was looking into the case, but we have not heard anything further as of Wednesday night.

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